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TIFF Review: The Way

Today I had the awesome privalege of seeing a screening of the Emilio Estevez film The Way. The story follows a father (Martin Sheen) who gets word of his only sons death who had been doing an 500 Mile spirtual walk to cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. His father then decides to do the walk and scatter the ashes of his son on his journey.

The film was a pleasure to watch and great way to kick off TIFF 2010. Everything about the movie was enjoyable from the beautiful cinematography to the amazing and powerful performance put on by Martin Sheen and the supporting cast. It was an emotional treak with a few lighthearted moments placed at just the right time. The movie gave the audience the feeling that they too were walking this epic voyage because connecting to the characters was just so easy. A big applause followed the screening and a Q and A with Estevez and Sheen took place after. Hopefully this film gets a wide release as currently it has no distribution.


James Cameron: Leader of a revolution, or egotistical director?

By the time this article comes out, this would already be old news. However this is a topic that I wish to discuss because of my strong feelings towards the subject, but also because this topic will inevitably be brought up anytime a similar incident occurs. It’s a long one.

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TIFF Day To Day Coverage

Starting tomorrow I’ll be covering the festivties that TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) has to offer. I’ll be serving up reviews on the films I see everyday, so be sure to keep reading. Expect lots of pictures and video coverage.

FanExpo Day 1

So day 1 has come and went for FanExpo in Toronto. The first day went quite smoothly with all the booths and merchants up and running. Also autograph floor was filled with people the instant we got in. Pictures up tomorrow.

Hatchet Unrated To Be Screened

FanExpo Tomorrow

Hey readers, just letting everyone know that tomorrow is the first day of FanExpo Canada. Gonna be doing vlogging and videos from the event, so stay posted for those. 

Hatchet 2 Trailer Drops

The Hatchet 2 trailer arrived over at Yahoo, and it looks awesome. Link below.

Hatchet 2 Trailer

Trailer: My Soul To Take

From writer/director Wes Craven comes his latest horror film entitled “My Soul To Take”. The trailer was recently released and after viewing it i’m feeling a little conflicted. To me it seems like your normal, run of the mill slasher/horror movie. But I have to think that this is Wes Craven, the director of quite possibly the 2 biggest horror franchises (Nightmare On Elm Street, Scream). Here’s the link to the trailer.

How The “movie” Movies Destoyed Cinema

Epic Movie, Date Movie, Disaster Movie. What do these movies have in common? They’re written and directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer and they all suck. It all started with Scary Movie, a funny and respectable script. Yes a part of it was written by these 2 directors, but a majority of it wasn’t and that’s why the film worked. Then came the release of “Date Movie” panned by pretty much everyone but somehow made double its budget back. Thats fair maybe people walked into it not knowing of its poor quality. So upon the release of “Epic Movie” I thought we would see numbers decline and not see another “movie” movie again. WHAT!? Epic Movie made back double its budget again despite all the extremely negative reviews it recieved from almost everyone. Finally when “Meet The Spartans” was released all the negative buzz surounding it was well known. Somehow it managed to make back its budget and a little extra. For some reason these movies are widely hated yet somehow make back a ton of money! Finally “Disaster Movie” was released and failed to even make back it’s budget. People had started to realize that these movies we’re not creative and just easy moneymakers exploiting the audience. These movies preyed on the casual movie goer and got them to watch 90 minutes of, and i use this term loosely, “Comedy”. This was until people realized they were being exploited and ripped off of their 12 dollars. The team of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are now releasing a new “film” entitled “Vampires Suck”. How witty…